Temerys is ready to challenge the world! And you ?

Temerys is the go-to app! Identify, challenge and meet other users in real life! With Temerys, thanks to the challenges, nearly everything is possible !

Join us for this moment of escape!

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Our concept

With a pop, and you’re there!

The famous “Hi, how are you ?” feels a bit too chiche! With Temerys, exchange in a direct and fun way! What you probably wouldn’t have dared to do before, Temerys makes it possible through challenges!

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Illustration Temerys
Illustration Temerys

No limits (or almost)!

Whether you are looking to expand or maintain your network, new friendships and more… Temerys is the social network to download! Temerys can be used for all occasions: e.g. festivals, concerts, outings, parties, restaurants, bars, events, public places, various activities, shopping, universities, campuses, colleges, beaches, vacations, teambuildings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, weddings, workplace, etc. In short, you’ll understand, there is no limit (or almost)!

Break the ice!

That’s what Temerys is all about: breaking the ice and making it easier to establish authentic connections in a straightforward and fun way !

You can also use it to spice up your daily life with your acquaintances and friends!

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No matter what your motivations and expectations are, come join us!

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About Temerys

Temerys was born from the desire to recreate more authentic social links! This, thanks to the challenges that can be realized in real life.

Our goal is to spice up everyone’s day-to-day life, all over the world !

The only limitations are the ones we impose on ourselves… it is time to take control! Our app allows you to test and surpass yourself. Do we dare to take up the challenges? This is the question that everyone will ask themselves at some point!

Moreover, through the challenges and partnerships, we want to show that everyone is ESSENTIAL in the ecosystem! For this reason, some challenges will be carried out in collaboration with merchants!

A propos de Temerys